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frequently asked questions.

custom orders.

1 / Do I have to pay for the entire piece upfront?

No! You can choose to instead pay a $25 deposit upfront and pay the remainder upon completion of the piece. Please note that orders will not be shipped until full payment is received.

2 / If I don't like my custom piece, what do I do?

First, don't worry! Within reason, we can usually make any tweaks required to the final product. If you decide you don't want the piece at all, we will refund any payment received aside from the $25 deposit (which is retained to cover our costs and overheads). You are more than welcome to ask for changes or a refund, however please remember that behind the emails and messages is a very real human being who puts their entire heart and soul into every custom order; verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

3 / Can you do a realism portrait/classical art piece?

FFC consists of one artist, and as with most artists I have a pretty distinct style. My work is very illustrative with influence from traditional tattoos and cartoons: think clean black lines, bright colour and highlights. Please bear in mind that any custom order completed will be done in this style. We have reference images for portraits and other common requests on our website and socials; please make sure you've viewed these and like our art style before placing an order.

4 / Can you do matching pieces?

Yes, within reason! Our pieces are all handpainted with brushes; there is no tracing or stencils involved, aside from the occasional ruler. This means that while we can absolutely create matching pieces for you and a family member/friend, we cannot guarantee the two items will be 100% identical.

5 / How do I care for my piece?

We recommend hand wash only to keep your artwork in the best possible condition. If you absolutely must machine wash your item, use a cold wash and put your machine on the lowest spin setting. You may need to iron your piece once it has dried. Do not tumble dry under any circumstances!

When ironing, place your item inside-out or apply a piece of baking paper over the paint. Run your iron at 50% heat with the water drained; over time, the piece can sustain prolonged water damage from repeated exposure to steam.

6 / Can I provide my own jacket?

Absolutely! While we have a huge range of cuts, colours and sizes available, we totally understand that sometimes it's easier to provide your own. You will need to arrange to drop off your jacket to one of our stockists or directly to us at a market or event. If you provide your own jacket, we'll also give you $20 off the cost of your custom item!

Please note that refunds are not possible when using your own jacket (simply because once the paint is on, it's never coming off!). If you have any tweaks or changes you need made to your piece once it's complete, just let us know.

7 / Do you provide draft sketches/progress photos?

Generally, no. All our pieces are freehanded directly onto a jacket using chalk to make sure the design flows seamlessly on the fabric and shape. We can send you a photo of this if you need, but we don't recommend it - it's normally very loose and difficult to see/make sense of. We also don't tend to send progress photos unless requested, as the nature of our pieces and the paint used means that it takes LOTS of layers to get the result you know and love. Because of this, there's a lot of 'trusting the process' that we have to do when putting a piece together, so we find progress photos tend to make our clients unnecessarily nervous!

8 / Why is my piece taking so long?

We usually average 3-6 week turnaround times on our custom orders, but sometimes they can take a bit longer. Please remember that FFC is just one person! Sometimes delays may be outside of our control due to illness or personal reasons. If you would like an update on how far away your piece is, please feel free to message us at any time and we can give you an estimate. We're also happy to work to a deadline if you need a piece in time for a birthday or event - just let us know when you order.

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